7 criminally good crime-themed online slots

We’ve always had a fascination for the criminal world. Movies, books, music – our entertainment world is filled with tales of murder, heists, scams, and other nefarious escapades. Sometimes we are drawn in by the hunt, the chase, the tracking down of a ne’er-do-well, watching or reading about how the forces of good use clues and ingenuity to solve the case. Sherlock Holmes, CSI, Law & Order, these are all examples of how we root for the heroes as they unravel the mysteries and bring the felons to justice.

But sometimes we are on the side of the ‘baddies’, those anti-heroes that are fighting an unjust system or trying to clear their names from a corrupt establishment. Netflix’s latest hit, Lupin, is a great example of someone turning to crime for a clearly laudable outcome (a GREAT series btw!). We even have stories that put us in the minds of criminals who really have no redeeming features. Dexter is a serial killer – no matter who or what he kills – and yet we find ourselves siding with him. Grand Theft Auto (the video game series) is well known for the uproar and rage it causes in those who believe it glorifies violence and criminal behaviour, and yet it is the biggest selling game of all time.

Movies, TV series, books and comics, video games, and – we are absolutely thrilled to say – even the online slots world are filled with these juicy and salacious stories created to thrill us and exhilarate us.

The CasinoPlay.com crew consider ourselves amateur sleuths when we comb through the multitude of online casinos and online casino games to uncover those playing partners and gambling games that deserve your hard-earned money and time, and expose those who seek to cheat us out of our earnings. Along the way we have discovered some truly epic and excellent crime-themed online slots that we think you will enjoy.

Pink Panther – Playtech
Pink Panther – Playtech

Pink Panther – Playtech

From the gritty to the goofy, Pink Panther from Playtech is a fantastic slot that will rekindle all those Saturday morning cartoons we used to watch. Based on the famous classic Pink Panther cartoon series, Pink Panther is a blast! Funny, thrilling, and immensely playable this 5×4, 95,39% RTP slot has all the famous images of the cunning Pink Panther, the bumbling Inspector Clousseau, the ever-challenged Little Man, and those famous round bombs with a fizzing fuse.

Nostalgia and fun aside, Pink Panther is also packed with bonus features like Pink Pow!, Crack the Pink Code, The Color Pink, Wheel of Pink, and The Pink Trail that unlock free spins, extra wilds, expanding wilds, win multipliers, and bonus games like wheel of fortune.

Throw in a funky jazz soundtrack and you have a crime-themed online slot game that will leave you pink with pleasure!

Cluedo – SG Digital
Cluedo – SG Digital

Cluedo – SG Digital

The classic whodunnit boardgame is brought to spectacular slots life in this 5×3, 96.5% RTP online slots game from SG Digital. All your favourite characters, all your well-known weapons, all the familiar rooms, all in a glorious art deco style that features crisp graphics and amazing artwork.

And when we say all, we mean all and more. Room cards with the lounge, kitchen, study, hall, conservatory, and library. Weapon cards with the lead pipe, wrench, candlestick, knife, and revolver. And, of course, all those well-known suspects (plus one addition) in Mrs Peacock, Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Mr Green, Miss Scarlet, and Dr Orchid.

The Weapon scatters unlock multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 6x. The Room scatters unlock Free Spins of 5x, 8x, 10x, 12x, 15x, or 25x. And the Character scatters unlock Free Spins modifiers like Scatter Retriggers, Expanding Wilds, Multiplier Wilds, Expanding Symbols, Both Directions Pay, and Persistent Wilds.

The stunning artwork, the many bonuses, and the catchy soundtrack all add up to bring players a wild and wacky – and totally enthralling – game that is a true ode to one of our favourite boardgames of all time.

Jack Hammer 2 – NetEnt
Jack Hammer 2 – NetEnt

Jack Hammer 2 – NetEnt

A slightly less gritty detective slot from NetEnt than Cash Noire, but no less engaging, is the follow up to Jack Hammer vs Evil Dr Wuten – Jack Hammer 2: Fishy Business.

What sets Jack Hammer 2 apart from the dark and smoky setting of Cash Noire is its awesome comic book styling. Players once again enter Grand City, this time to help our titular detective, Jack Hammer, as he confronts the notorious Don Crabby and tries to rescue damsel-in-distress Pearl.

Since his introduction in Jack Hammer vs Evil Dr Wuten, this hard-boiled detective has become a huge hit among online slots players. The 5×3, 97.07% RTP sequel ramps up the action without losing any of the charm, and packs in some pretty decent bonuses as well. Free Spins, Sticky Wins, Wilds, and Random Wilds will keep you hitting that spin button, as the engaging storyline keeps you waiting for more.

Huge fun. Awesome artwork. Great bonuses. More than enough to hammer home how good this slot is.

Dead or Alive 2 – NetEnt
Dead or Alive 2 – NetEnt

Dead or Alive 2 – NetEnt

Another NetEnt game. Another sequel. Another smash hit that’s absolutely criminally good!

The original Dead or Alive has become an icon in the slots genre, and its follow up hit the rumour machine with huge expectations. And boy, did NetEnt deliver.

Just from a visual perspective, Dear or Alive 2 is an absolute stunner! Amazing artwork. Amazing animation. Amazing gameplay.

And then we have the features which hit the player all guns blazing.

But first, lets talk about the background story. Dead or Alive 2 features some of the biggest, baddest gunslingers and outlaws from the Wild West: the Apache Kid, Delia Rose, Belle Starr, and Billy the Kid as they blaze a trail of mayhem and bank robbing across the dusty American landscape. 

With a rollicking Spaghetti Western soundtrack in the background, and the honky-tonk piano in the saloons, players will be taken on a fast-paced, high volatility ride in this 5×3, 96.82% RTP thriller full of Scatters, Wilds, Free Spins, and Multipliers.

But it’s the three bonus Free Spin features you’re gunning for: Train Heist, Old Saloon, and High Noon Saloon. The Train Heist bonus awards increasing Multipliers plus 5x Free Spins if the multiplier reaches 16. The Old Saloon bonus awards Sticky Wild symbols plus 5x Free Spins if you land a Wild on each reel. The High Noon Saloon bonus awards Sticky wilds with Multipliers plus 5x Free Spins if you land a Wild on each reel.

It’s a wild ride through the wild West and a slot game worthy of a place in the best of crime slots lists.

Don’t get caught

Whether you’re chasing the perps, or you are the perp, always remember to play responsibly. And to play at licensed and legit online casinos. Our recommended and top online casinos lists will show you exactly where you can play these criminally good slots games safely and in style.

And there are a ton more great crime-themed slot games out there so keep an eye out for games like the cinematic CSI: Crime Scene Investigation from IGT, the quirky and oh-so-French A Night in Paris from Betsoft, the femme fatale focussed Black Widow from IGT, or the TV series inspired Narcos from NetEnt.


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