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How to login into PlayLive Casino?

Among the most commonly asked questions about the PlayLive Casino is a very simple one: how to login into PlayLive Casino?

The answer to this question might seem to be obvious, but anyone who is new to playing at online casinos might find it is not as straightforward to login as they might expect.

When arriving at the PlayLive Casino website, the menu on the right-hand side of the screen may feel like the best place to put the login button.

South Africans who sign up for an account with PlayLive will need to look to the right-hand side of the screen to find where to login. This is also where the button to register for a new account on the PlayLive online casino can be found.

Login and register on PlayLive Online Casino

Clicking the login button will bring up a short form that people just need to fill in. The form will ask users for their username or email address first, as well as the password for the account. Filling in these details successfully should complete the login process at the PlayLive Casino after users hit the big green button that says ‘sign in’.

Sometimes, South Africans looking to play at an online casino may forget their login details. This is common but it is an issue that is easy to solve for PlayLive account holders. On the login screen, there is a button to hit that says ‘forgot password?’ Pressing this enables users on the PlayLive account to enter their email address and reset the password for their account.

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Users who are yet to sign up for an account with PlayLive are also able to register with this online casino through the same login screen. There is also a button to register for an account on the homepage of the PlayLive online casino website.

When registering for an account with PlayLive, casino customers will be asked to enter details such as their desired username, as well as contact information like a mobile phone number and an email address.


As well as these details, South Africans who want to join PlayLive will also have to provide their date of birth, which proves that they are old enough to play casino games.

This is also where users will pick their password, which will need to be confirmed as well, while there is also a box to tell PlayLive whether the new casino customer is a male or a female.

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After filling in all of the desired information, players have to confirm they are at least 18 years of age and have read through the terms and conditions for this online casino site in South Africa.

After creating an account on the PlayLive site, users will then be able to go through the login process detailed above in order to start playing their favourite casino games on this site.