Wild O’Clock by Red Tiger Gaming

Stop the clocks! We have a winner! Wild O’Clock is going to have you begging for seconds!

Wild O’Clock by Red Tiger Gaming

Wild O’Clock is one of our favorite slots from Red Tiger and it seriously ticks all the right boxes. This strikingly good game has four special features including stretched wilds, which are part of the base game and appear every 12 spins like clockwork. No luck is required to trigger this special feature – just spin a minimum of 12 times and count your winnings!

Wild O’Clock is a 6-reel, 30-payline video slot based on the theme of time and the number 12. Set deep in the bowels of a dimly lit clock tower, animated cogs turn slowly in the background as the action takes place on a beautiful gold, purple, and blue game grid set against a multi-hued rotating clock face. The clock revolves with every spin to reveal gold roman numerals between 1 (I) and 12 (XII) according to how many spins you have completed. A viewing window above the reels displays the golden digits and acts as a counter to the super wild feature.

The animation and art are beautifully rendered and the sound effects are appropriate for the theme and action taking place; however, the music leaves much to be desired. In between spins, faint strains of mystical music can be heard overlaid by the ticking of a clock; this along with the countdown creates an air of anticipation that can either be exciting or anxiety-inducing, depending on who you are. Unfortunately, during spins, this music is replaced by a series of flutes playing the same sharp note on repeat… not kind to the ears. However, slots can be muted, and the smooth gameplay with spins and bonus features loading seamlessly goes a long way to remedy this faux pas.

The ticks

The symbols are all time-themed and beautifully crafted in a range of tones from red to blue and embellished with gold. The highest value symbol is the red sundial, followed in descending order by the turquoise hourglass, green alarm clock, blue pocket watch, and purple clock face. The lowest value symbols are the card suits, which are designed as multicolored gemstones: a red spade, a turquoise heart, a green diamond, and a blue club.

Special symbols include the sun-and-moon wild symbol, which carries the same value as the sundial; the golden Clock Spins symbol which acts as the scatter; and finally, a long, animated grandfather clock which is the stretched or super wild symbol.

The tocks

Wild O’Clock has four stunning features including 12 free Clock Spins, a super wild Lucky 12 O’Clock bonus game that loads automatically on every twelfth spin, and a regular wild which randomly becomes a multiplier when the mood strikes!

The Lucky 12 O’Clock feature gives you the opportunity to score between one and six stretched grandfather clock symbols. These symbols stretch across an entire reel and have the same payout as both the wild and the sundial. This feature might be automatic, but you’ll need some serious luck to fill all six reels and score a big payday.

Free spins or Clock Spins are triggered by landing three scatters across three reels; this gives you a clocking 12 free spins! The extra special touch with this feature is that Lucky 12 O’Clock still counts on the final of the 12 spins and random symbols are turned into super wilds. Finally, wild multipliers which are awarded for every sun-and-moon symbol you land apply to the entire grid for all 12 spins! Multipliers range between 2x and 8x your original stake, and your total for the Clock Spins game is displayed in the top right-hand corner of the reel.

This video slot is widely available online but can be reliably found at LeoVegas and 888 Casino.

Wild O’Clock is available to play on mobile, desktop, or laptop. It is supported on iOS, Windows, Linux and Android. Recommended browsers include Safari, Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

This is a highly volatile video slot, so set your limits and watch your wallet. It’s easy to get carried away and get your clock cleaned by a run of bad luck. Take a second and pay attention to minute details before clicking that spin button again!

It’s great to see Red Tiger pulling out all the stops with this absolute clock-stopper of a game. This might be a high volatility game but the built-in Lucky 12 O’Clock feature evens the playing field somewhat as it’s triggered automatically according to a schedule that you can set your clock to. The special features are fun and all the little extras can add up to some truly spectacular wins… just remember to mute the game for a more pleasant experience!

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