Guide to Gambling Terms

Guide to Gambling terms

Online casinos and online games come with their own lingo. has compiled a list of the most common terms used in the gambling world in case you ever get confused between a cash-out and a payout.

This beginner guide to gambling terms is in no way comprehensive as the language used in casinos, online casinos, and mobile casino – just like the industry – is constantly changing and evolving, but we are confident we have captured the most common betting terms and gambling terminology to give you a flying start to your online gambling experience.

A glossary of online gambling terms



A starting bet that is obligatory in games like poker.


A legal and administrative body from a territory that allows online or mobile gambling. Examples include the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, the Curacao Gambling Authority, and so on.



A table game played with cards held by the dealer and one player, while multiple players bet on the outcome


Another word for the dealer.

Banking methods:

The channels you use to deposit and withdraw funds into and out of your online casino account. There are a multitude of banking methods available worldwide and include Visa, MasterCard, bank transfers, debits, eWallets, and cryptocurrency among others.


The money you have set aside to gamble with – never go over your bankroll or draw more money if you’re losing.


  1. The action of placing a wager on a game.
  2. The amount wagered.
  3. The button you click/tap to set the reels on the slots game spinning.


A table game played with cards held by individual players who compete with the dealer; the hand closest to 21 wins


  1. An incentive or reward offered by online casinos to entice new players to sign up – always read the terms and conditions.
  2. An added feature on a game, especially a slots game.


The programme used to get to an online or mobile casino. Most online casinos can be found by typing the address or even just the casino name into your device’s browser bar. Some online and mobile casinos use an app to give players quicker access to the casino page. These are often called download casinos.



Withdrawing money from your online casino account.


Where you deposit into and withdraw funds from your online casino account.

Casino Advantage:

The mathematical advantage that the online casino has over players – also called the house edge.

Casino games:

The games you can play at an online casino or mobile casino. All online and mobile casinos offer versions of slots and/or table games. Casino games are games of chance. Many online casinos also offer sports betting (usually in a different lobby), but these are not classed as casino games.

Casino guide:

A guide describing the design, play, games and other factors of an online casino.

Casino Odds:

The percentage of all bets placed that a casino typically retains.

Casino payout:

The winnings paid out to players by casinos.

Casino review:

A review evaluating an online casino.


The legal certificate under which a casino operates.

Classic slots:

An online slot game in the style of traditional slot machines.


Online alternative to cash amounts, also referred to as credits. You can usually choose to play in cash (€/$/£/etc.) or in coins that represent a monetary amount.

Cold Streak:

A losing run – also called a losing streak.

Comp Points:

Points you earn for playing selected games at an online casino, usually in tournaments. Can be used for rewards.


A table game played with dice thrown by players in turn.


A casino dealer. Only found at Live Dealer games in online casinos.


Using cryptocurrency to deposit finds in an online casino account, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.



A casino employee responsible for dealing cards or spinning the wheels at roulette/win and spin. Live Dealer games at online casinos are where you will find the dealers/croupiers.


Money you add to your casino account to fund your play.

Download Casino:

A type of online casino that requires you to download software or an app to play the games.



The advantage held in a casino game. Mostly, it’s the casino that has the edge. Also called a house edge or casino advantage.


  1. Players that have been banned by the casinos.
  2. Countries that are banned from playing at that particular casino.



FIAT currency:

Using traditional currency to deposit funds into an online casino account, for example, Euros, Dollars, or Pounds.

Free spins:

Free turns in online slot games, often offered as a bonus or reward.


Gambling addiction:

Problem gambling that the player is unable to break away from.

Game guide:

A guide describing the game’s design, specifications and play.

Game review:

A guide describing the game’s design, specifications and play.



The cards you have been dealt at games like poker, blackjack, or baccarat.

High Roller:

Someone who plays casino games for high stakes. Also called a whale.

Hot Streak:

An extended winning run.


The casino is often referred to as the house.

House Edge:

The mathematical advantage that the online casino has over players – also called the casino advantage.

House Rules:

Rules that are specific to a particular casino.



Instant Casino:

An online casino where you don’t need to download any software




The big prizes offered by certain games such as progressive slots.


The countries in which an online casino is allowed to operate.



A lottery-style numbers game.


Know your client – guidelines for casinos around verifying the identity and suitability of its clients to partake in its services.



The table surface of games like roulette.


The most important thing to look for at an online or mobile casino, the licence is the legal permit from a recognised online gambling authority to operate an online or mobile casino and comes with strict rules and regulations for the online or mobile casino.

Live casino:

Online casino games presented live, with a dealer, from a studio.

Live Chat:

  1. An online customer support channel.
  2. A way to banter with and talk to the dealer and/or other players at the Live Casino.

Live Dealer Games:

An innovative way of playing online casino games with real dealers and real equipment using web cam technology. Also called a Live Casino.


This is where you will find all the games on offer at an online casino.

Log in:

The process you use to enter the online or mobile casino once you have successfully registered. Usually, a simple username and password combo.

Losing Streak:

A losing run – also called a cold streak.

Loyalty Program:

A rewards program for frequent players at an online casino – lots of bonuses and free spins.


Maximum Bet:

The highest stake that can be placed on a casino game.

Minimum Bet:

The lowest stake that can be placed on a casino game.

Mobile casino:

A virtual or digital casino accessed through a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile slots:

Online slot games optimized for mobile.

Multi-Hand Games:

Games where you can play more than one hand at once, for example, multi-hand blackjack lets you play from one to three hands at the same time.


The number by which your winnings increase.




The maximum amount a player can win.


Online casino:

Generally used to refer to a virtual or digital casino. Online casinos are mostly accessed using a PC or desktop computer, as opposed to mobile casinos which are accessed via mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

Online slots:

Slot games presented in video format online.



The horizontal or staggered line of symbols in a slot that equate to a win.

Payout Percentage:

The approximate return that’s paid out by an online casino over time, expressed as a percentage of overall bets placed. It can be found for individual games or for the online casino as a whole. Also called RTP or Return To Player.

Pay Table:

A table, usually on an online slots game or video poker game, that shows you the winning combinations and the pay-outs associated with the winning combinations and paylines.

Pit Boss:

A sort of supervisor that keeps an eye on the dealers and games during Live Dealer play.


The person playing the online casino game.


A table game played with cards held by individual players who compete with each other, with progressively rising bets – poker’s winning hands list is extensive and ranges from a pair to a royal flush.

Problem gambling:

Gambling habits that are causing financial or other problems in the player’s life.

Progressive Jackpot:

A type of jackpot that increases over time – especially lucrative in progressive slots games.

Progressive slots:

Traditional or online slots that include an ever rising jackpot comprising the contributions of multiple players, that any individual player could win at any time.


The software companies that create, distribute, and operate the casino games. Some of the big names include Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Betsoft, Bally’s, etc. They can also be referred to as studios.


A tied outcome at casino games like blackjack where neither the house nor the player win.


Random Number Generator (RNG):

The software that makes any strategy pointless in an online casino. RNGs are specialised software that continually generate random numbers that determine the outcome of a game. For example, where the reels stop on an online slots game or which cards are drawn in an online blackjack game.

Real Money:

Real cash transferred from your bank account into your online casino account so you can gamble with real cash and win or lose real cash.


The legal registration under which a casino operates.

Regular slots:

Traditional or online slots with fixed paylines, payouts and jackpots that are played individually.

Reload Bonus:

A bonus for players who make a new deposit into their online casino account.

Responsible gambling:

Ensuring that players have access to information and resources that help them to manage or avoid problem gambling.

Return To Player (RTP):

The approximate return that’s paid out by an online casino over time, expressed as a percentage of overall bets placed. It can be found for individual games or for the online casino as a whole. Also called Payout Percentage.


Incentives to online players to reward them for playing at the online casino or to keep them playing for longer.


Random number generator – an algorithm that produces random, unpredictable numbers; this helps to make gambling fair.


A table game played with a spinning wheel and a ball, where players bet on which number (or type of number) the ball will land on.


Return to player – the percentage of money from all bets placed over a while that is returned to players in winnings.



Your position at the table when you play poker or blackjack.


The box from which cards are dealt.

Sign-Up Bonus:

A bonus offered to new players when they join an online casino. Also known as a welcome bonus.

Slot machine:

A machine inside a casino – or similar entertainment area – that offers RNG-driven games.


The most popular and biggest selection of games at an online or mobile casino. Slots are the reel-based games of chance where players bet, spin the reels, and hope to land a winning payline when the reels stop.


The amount you bet when playing an online casino game.


  1. The companies that develop, distribute, and run the casino games.
  2. The area in a Live Casino where the capturing of the live casino games takes place. Players usually only see the tables and the dealers but there are also film crews, directors, and a control room in the studio.


The icons on the slot games reels, usually related to the theme of the game. Lining up the symbols in a predetermined pattern triggers wins and bonus features.


Table game:

Any game played in a casino that is played around a table, eg, poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack


The area in the world where players are legally allowed to gamble online. Territories usually have dedicated online gambling regulations and authorised bodies to ensure online casinos are licensed and follow the regulations.

Terms and Conditions:

The terms and conditions a casino operates under.


Video poker:

A machine-driven version of poker, played between the player and the computer.

Video slots:

Slot games presented in video format.


A high-value player that gets special treatment and bonuses at an online casino.



The required amount that you need to bet on games before you can claim your bonus.

Wagering Requirements:

Part of the bonus terms and conditions and normally an amount that must be bet by the player in the player’s own money before any winnings can be withdrawn.

Walk away:

Something every player should do whether on a winning or a losing streak. The casino will always be there so you can come back and play another day.

Welcome Bonus:

A sign-up bonus offered by online casinos for joining and depositing money.


An online player that plays for big stakes. Also called a high roller.


A request to withdraw money from the positive balance in your casino account.