The 16 personality types of modern gamblers

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One of the things that always gets us wondering is the different types of gamblers that are out there. We’ve always looked at them as fun gamblers, serious gamblers and problem gamblers, and this viewpoint has never really changed over the years – until we heard about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and decided to find out more.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test that claims to sort people into 16 broad categories based on how they answer. Our interest and research then went further into how these personalities could classify gamblers.

The results were very interesting.

Before we get into the 16 personality types for gamblers, we must point out that the BMTI does have many detractors and many scientists that see it as pseudoscience. We are in no way claiming that these are the definitive personality types for gamblers, we just find it interesting and hope our fans and followers do too. There are way too many unique features in every single person out there to stick us all in a box – so go live your one-of-a-kind life to the best of your abilities, you beautiful individual!

The Myers-Briggs Type Index

The MBTI was first proposed by Katharine Cooke Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers and based on theories proposed by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. There are four main personality groups: Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, and Explorers. Each group contains four personality types.

Each personality type is made up of a combination of traits: Introvert (I), Extravert (E), Intuition (N), Sensing (S), Thinking (T), Feeling (F), Judging (J), and Perceiving (P). These traits combine in groups of four to reflect the personality types.

The 16 personality types of modern gamblers

The Analysts

Analysts have two major traits: intuition and thinking. This personality type is rational, intelligent and logical. Rather than thinking creatively, Analysts tend to build strategies and solve mysteries logically. They are problem-solvers who question everything.

Game most suited to Analysts: poker or other strategic table games.

INTJ Personality – Confident Players

These are not typically gamblers. If they do gamble it is when they are positive that they will win. INTJ personality types are risk averse. Games that would appeal to INTJ personalities are games with low volatility, high on strategy and without too much risk – table games and Live Dealer table games like poker or blackjack.

INTP Personality – Logical Players

This personality type is well known for their intellectual creativity and busy minds. They fear failure and go out of their way to avoid being put into risky situations. They may seem distant but it is more that they are easily distractable and tend to live in their own thoughts. Low roller games and games where they can put their logic to good use are what INTP personalities would gravitate towards – poker and blackjack, especially the Live Dealer versions.

ENTJ Personality – Strategic Winners

Natural-born leaders, this personality type loves challenges and winning. They are strong-willed and will take risks if they can see a benefit to them or their goals. They value their smarts and their skills and are more than willing to put them on display for others to admire. Live Dealer poker and baccarat are where you can find them.

ENTP Personality – Knowledgeable Players

Another group who value knowledge. The difference between ENTJ personalities and the other Analysts is that they seek understanding rather than a logical solution. They are not fixed into a set idea but rather seek to understand the background, the context, the reasoning and are willing to adapt their views if they are convinced of a better one. While they share the attraction to Live Dealer table games (the better to study and understand other players) they are also willing to risk online slots for example just to experience the total lack of reason or logic behind the games. Live Dealer poker and blackjack, with the occasional online slots game now and again for a change of scenery.

The Diplomats

Diplomats are mainly focused on intuition and feeling. They seek to understand themselves and those around them and to create harmony between people.

They are determined and motivated and often step out of their comfort zones to experience thrills and excitement for themselves and to better understand how it affects others.

Games most suited to Diplomats: any online casino game but the luck aspect of online slots and online roulette will attract them.

INFJ Personality – Intuitive Players

Decisive, strong-willed and very reliant on their sense of intuition. These personality types are not often seen in the gambling environment as luck and intuition do not play well together in their thinking. For those that do decide to put themselves to the test, and challenge their intuitive bias, online slots and online roulette are popular choices, as is sports betting.

INFP Personality – Idealistic Players

INFP personalities are great communicators and tend to embrace a course of action to the fullest extent once they are involved. They love the nuances of interaction, which is why communication is so important to them. They tend to seek out distractions and events that can take them out of their busy everyday – and gambling does exactly that. INFP personalities do not look for logic in a game, they look for excitement and entertainment. Online slots, roulette and Live Dealer Win and Spin games are where they find the perfect outlet and where they can put their love of thrills and the element of luck to the test.

ENFJ Personality – Controlling Players

These natural leaders have a high degree of intuition that often leads to them taking on other peoples’ problems. They seek to solve inequalities and resolve conflict by taking a leading role in the process. Control is very important to ENFJ personalities and losing control can be very painful for them. Online slots and games like roulette are not really suited to them as these are all about luck with no ability to affect the outcome. ENFJ personalities would do well to focus on games like poker, blackjack and baccarat where they can maintain a greater degree of control over actions and outcomes.

ENFP Personality – Excited Players

Free-spirits, energetic and compassionate, creative and independent. This is the ENFJ personality, a true gambler in every sense of the word. Their energy is infectious and they flit from one subject to another in conversation, and from one event to another in life. They believe that everyone should share in their joy and their excitement. They are adventurous spirits at heart, curious and observant about everything around them. Games like slots, roulette and even Texas Hold’em appeal to their sense of fun and their willingness to push their luck.

The Sentinels

Sentinels are like gatekeepers. They are observant, judgemental, organised and responsible. Impulsive or risky behaviour is not something they are known for and they tend to follow a strict regimen in life, and research and follow proven strategies at the online casino. This personality type rarely gambles but, if they can find a methodical approach to a game, they will give it a go.

Games most suited to Sentinels: blackjack and poker.

ISTJ Personality – Serious Players

ISTJ personalities are rule followers. They avoid risk at all costs and prefer to analyse and fact-check before committing. This makes them highly independent and critical and, even in a teamwork situation, they can often be found working solo to solve a problem rather than with the team. While this analytical thinking certainly keeps them away from slots and other games of pure chance, ISTJ personalities do tend to make excellent poker players thanks to their powers of analysis and observation.

ISFJ Personality – Perfectionist Players

Responsible and hard-working, ISTJ personalities exceed expectations whenever they can. They tend to be perfectionists but do not seek recognition for what they do. They are goal-oriented but not overly competitive and accomplishments trump accolades for them. Online blackjack and low volatility slots would be attractive as they are able to regularly hit a win but do not have to play for big stakes or big payouts.

ESTJ Personality – Calculative Players

ESTJ personalities have a very highly developed personal moral code that drives them to seek out the facts that may impact on whatever they are doing. They tend to analyse a situation and only act if it has a high probability of success. If not, they would rather delay and wait for a better opportunity or time. As such, they tend to avoid games of chance but, if they were to see that the probability strongly favours them, they would allow themselves to play poker or blackjack where they are able to analyse and bet based on a higher degree of certainty.

ESFJ Personality – Practical Players

Highly interactive and social people, ESFJ personalities tend to be nervous when facing situations that don’t have them in control. They have a very strong sense of right and wrong and follow the rule of law, traditions and authority. Online casinos would not appeal to this personality type, and games of chance – being unstructured and chaotic in their view – are not games they actively search for. If they were to play, Live Dealer games would appeal to their social side and Caribbean Stud or Pai Gow poker would give them an element of control.

The Explorers

Probably the most impulsive, adventurous and risk-taking of the personality types, the Explorers do still exhibit observant and prospecting traits. They are comfortable with a little uncertainty and are quick to make decisions based on their observations. They try new things and dislike being tied into routine.

Games most suited to Explorers: online slots, Spin and Win, roulette

ISTP Personality – Spontaneous Players

ISTP personalities are fun-loving and spontaneous. They are the curious people you see around you – not curious as in odd, rather curious as in they have a love of exploring, discovering new things and facing new challenges. They sometimes act without thinking through the consequences and tend to dislike having rules imposed on them. Freedom is a state of being for them and this spontaneous and impulsive personality finds online slots and online table games that are governed by an RNG to be the perfect place to put down their stake.

ISFP Personality – Competitive Players

These are the real rule breakers, the experimenters and risk-seekers. ISFP personalities are built for gambling, for putting everything on the line and seeing where the cards fall. While they do tend to be impulsive in work and in life, constantly seeking the next thrill and challenge, they are also extraordinarily successful at whatever they put their minds to. These are the big players, the ones you will find playing Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud and blackjack for big wins – and progressive jackpot slots.

ESTP Personality – Risky Players

ESTP personalities love to be the centre of attention. Drama is integral to their lives but it has more to do with exercising their logical minds to find a solution rather than an emotional need. They notice the small details and games like slots and roulette attract their need for pattern recognition, for finding the overlooked and for challenging their minds.

ESFP Personality – Careless Players

The most spontaneous of all the personality types. They feel constrained by plans and schedules, dislike repetition and believe in the power of chance. For them, gambling is a hobby. The constant change, innovations, new and exciting offerings and the presence of Lady Luck to throw a spanner in the works – or a big win – appeals to their sense of adventure. These players are almost always found at the online slots games although they may try the roulette, blackjack or baccarat tables just for something different.

Where should your personality play?

People are weird – and totally unpredictable. These 16 personalities are purely a generalisation. We all have our own minds, our own quirks and habits, and our own reasons for doing what we do. At we don’t judge or try to fit you into a box. We would rather offer you all the advice and information you need to make your own mind up about where and what you want to play.

We do, however, recommend you try these international online casinos for a trusted and thrilling online gaming experience.



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