When is the best time to go to the casino?

Timing is everything, from the robot turning green and letting you get to work on time, to finding the perfect moment to declare your undying love. Timing makes the world run more smoothly, and that holds true no matter what you’re doing, including visiting land-based or online casinos. So, when exactly is the perfect time to go to the casino to maximise your chances of winning? Let’s dive into it.

Land-based casinos

Brick-and-mortar casinos the world over tend to attract people around the clock. There’s always someone there enjoying their gambling time. However, you will usually see a much greater concentration of people at night. Do they know something you don’t?

It’s strongly believed among the gambling community that casinos pay out more at night – and it does work out this way. Your chances of winning at a land-based casino are greater at night, purely because of the numbers of players. The more players, the more games played, and so the more frequent the payouts and jackpots.

The reason it’s best to go to a land-based casino at night, then, is simply because everyone else does. Your fellow players are helping jackpots grow faster than they do during the day, so they pay out faster.

Online casinos

Online casinos don’t operate the same way land-based ones do. They are accessible from your laptop, desktop or mobile device, any time of the day or night. Because players can play whenever they want, including on a work break, there’s a much more even flow of players around the clock.

Whether you are playing progressive jackpots, regular slots, or any other game besides live dealer, the frequency of wins and payouts is a lot more consistent. That’s partly because of consistent visitor traffic, but also because of the way these games are structured. Land-based casino slots are usually network-linked, while online regular slots are just you vs the game itself. Progressive jackpots are networked, it’s true, but due to fairly consistent player numbers, their wins and jackpots tend to be just as consistent.


Many online casinos hold tournaments around specific games. These are usually time sensitive, and, as a result, choosing the perfect time to buy in is crucial. Unless you are married to Lady Luck and she hasn’t filed for divorce yet, you had best be there the moment the tournament begins, or you won’t catch up to the other players. This is the one time that you want to be pedantic about your timing at online casinos.

So, when is the best time to go to the casino, then?

The best time to enjoy your online gambling is whenever it is convenient for you. If you want to join an online tournament, make sure it is at a time that you can and want to spend several hours focused on the game. If you want to visit a physical casino, you may have better luck at night, but that doesn’t mean that 10:30am on a Thursday won’t bring you a huge win. Online playing? Well, you do you.

Personally, we think it’s far more important to choose the right online casino and game than to worry about when you play. Visit our casino and game reviews pages to find the perfect venue and slot for your entertainment needs.

Tell us about your brightest hour

Do you have a special time that you prefer to spend at an online casino? Is there a moment in the day when you feel at your luckiest? Tell us about it and keep your fellow gamblers inspired!

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