When is the best time to play slots?

We all want to know the magic pattern that will get us that progressive jackpot or the winning numbers in the national lottery. It’s why gamblers are some of the most superstitious people in the world after professional sportspeople. In fact, the CasinoPlay.com crew recently did an entire article about gambling and superstitions which you can read right here.

Apart from playing our favourite games in our underwear underneath an oak tree at 11PM on a Thursday night while the owls hoot in the branches, what else can we do to ensure we hit that winning streak?

Some people are adamant that there are certain times to play slots that will ensure you hit the wins, like in the evenings when the casino is busy. But does this make any difference at all? We decided to find out.

Is there a best time to play the slots?

Yes. There is. But it’s not what you think. The best time to play slots – or any gambling game – is when you have the budget to play. If there is one thing that we have discovered over all our time spent gambling, it’s that you are never going to feel like a winner if you are gambling with money you can’t afford.

But really, is there a best time to play slots?

In the old, old, old, ooooold days of coin operated slot machines with coin hoppers, there was always the perception that the more coins in the hopper, the better the odds it would trigger a jackpot. This meant that players would choose busy nights at the casino with lots of punters to fill those machines and give them a better chance of hitting the big wins.

The modern reality is that mobile slots, online slots, and land-based casino slots, are controlled by a Random Number Generator which makes the outcome 100%, absolutely, indisputably, without a doubt, do not pass go, do not collect $200 … LUCK!

It makes absolutely no difference what time of day or night you decide you want to hit the reels.

Added to the RNG is the fact that modern online slots do not take physical coins that will fill a hopper which will then need to pay out at some stage, so it makes no difference how many people are playing the slots; it’s all computer code and utterly random.

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What about the big progressive jackpots?

Even the big progressive jackpots are dependent on the RNG. It would be nice to think that the bigger the jackpot the more chance you have of winning but there really is no logic in that. How big does the jackpot need to get? Is there a magic number that it needs to reach? Nope. All random, all completely dependent on chance.

What about spending a long time on a slots game or machine?

Sitting for hours and feeding your money into a particular online slots game or slot machine will also not guarantee you a jackpot. One of the biggest online jackpots in online casino history was a Mega Moolah progressive jackpot win of over £13,000,000 by a player with a £30 stake who played for a total of SEVEN MINUTES before hitting the jackpot.

So, when is the best time to play slots?

If you want to know the best time to play slots, especially online slots, you must understand that it’s all random chance and Lady Luck. The best way to decide on a time to play slots is to ask yourself whether playing is going to be fun at that time because if you’re not playing for fun then really all you’re doing is working!

Any international gambler, especially an international online slots player, knows that the secret to successful – not profitable! – gambling is knowing when the right time to gamble is. Not the right time to win, the right time physically, mentally, and financially to take on eth house and – win or lose – have an enjoyable time.

The best time to play slots?

  • When you have the budget to play
  • When you are in the right mood for playing
  • When you have the spare time to play
  • When you want to have some fun!


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