Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming

It’s about to get crrraaazy in here! Step aside slots; enter Crazy Time, the live game offering from casino software giants, Evolution Gaming.

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Based on their wildly popular and successful Dream Catcher wheel, Evolution takes it to the next level and beyond in this pumped up parade of playfulness! This RNG-driven, live interactive game gives you multiple ways to win multipliers that soar all the way to a stratospheric 25 000x.

Step into a live casino… or at least, it will feel just about as close to it as you can get. With its colourful, spacious setting, giant money wheel and exciting but simple game play, Crazy Time is for players in search of a crazy good time.

Crazy Time consists of a single main wheel with its top slot, plus four bonus games, each of which offers you a range of multipliers. Game play for the main game is crazy easy: all you need to do is choose your bets from the numbers and wait for the spin. The four bonus games are each unique and interactive, and include Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and the eponymous Crazy Time.

You’re really going to love the graphics in this game. From the main wheel to the shooting gallery, the two-coloured coin, and the wild world of the Crazy Time bonus game wheel, everything is suffused in colour, with the crisp clarity we’ve come to expect from Evolution.

Getting started on Crazy TIme is easy: place your bets on a number – 1, 2, 5 or 10, or bet on a bonus game. When the wheel stops, your bet is multiplied by the number or you get to play the bonus game. While the colourful wheel is spinning, the top slot spins simultaneously; aligning this multiplier and the wheel bet adds a multiplier to the bet spot. If the bet spot is a number, the multiplier applies; otherwise it applies to the bonus game.

Multipliers in this game are cumulative, which is why it is possible to reach crazy levels of multiplication. The main wheel has four multipliers: 1, 2, 5 and 10. These also double as the bets. If, for instance, you bet on 5 and it lands, you win 5x your bet.

This bet is also run through the top slot, which includes potential multipliers of 5x, 10, 25, 50x and 100x. These are applied to your original multiplier. If your bet of 5, for example, also gets a multiplier of 10 in the top slot, you win 50x your original bet.

If the wheel stops on a bonus game, then all players whose chosen number appears in the top slot get the chance to play. Any multipliers from the top slot are then carried through to the bonus game.

Cash Hunt

The first of the four bonus games is Cash Hunt, a shooting gallery game with 108 random multipliers. You get a chance to aim at one of the random symbols covering the multipliers, and shoot, winning whatever multiplier appears. Cash Hunt multipliers range from 5x to 123x.

Coin Flip

Next up is Coin Flip, where a red-and-blue coin flip determines which of two multipliers you will win. The game generates two potential multipliers, one red and one blue. If you chose the right side, you get the relevant multiplier. The multipliers in Coin Flip include can be anything from 1x to 100x.


The third game, Pachinko, comprises a wall full of pegs and a puck that is dropped by the dealer. Wherever the puck lands, players receive the matching multiplier. There’s also a double feature which doubles all multipliers on the wall and triggers a second puck drop. This repeats until the multiplier is won, giving players a chance to win up to 10 000x their original bet.

Crazy Time

And finally, there’s the Crazy Time bonus game, where players enter a virtual world through a red door and find a giant money wheel – when we say giant, think: crick in the neck; top of the wheel lost in cloud. Players select flappers from blue, green or yellow, following which the dealer pushes the button to spin the wheel. When the wheel stops, the winning flapper earns lucky players the corresponding multiplier. Any flappers pointing to double or triple grant those players an extra spin, and their multiplier is doubled or tripled accordingly. These spins can occur multiple times until players hit a multiplier, taking you up to an appropriately giant maximum of 20 000x.

You can get crazy with this fun-packed adventure at Betway or Tusk casinos. Check here at CasinoPlay regularly for more SA online casinos to add Crazy Time to their portfolio.

This game is crazy simple and crazy fun: all you need to do is pick the slot you think will win. The real crazy with this game comes with the bonus games, which take you right over the top, and further, so pick your bonus game and head for those sky high wins!

Ever had a spin on Crazy Time? Ever got carried away in the utter chaos? Ever won more than you could have imagined or lost mountains in the madness? Share your stories of joy, woe and just plain weirdness, and give the gambling world just a little more fun.

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