Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming

Calling Mr Moneybags!

Everyone’s favourite high-stakes board game comes to your screen, and it’s all in for a combined live-action and augmented reality money-winning festival! Developed by Evolution Gaming in conjunction with Hasbro, the world-leading board games company, this is the only officially licensed Monopoly Live game on the market. This award-winning game received both the EGR Game of the Year 2019 and Gaming Intelligence’s Game of the Year 2020.

Monopoly Live combines the beloved board game with Evolution’s popular Dream Catcher game and brings to life the well-known character, Mr Monopoly, with bright and engaging augmented reality. Enjoy the company of both your live host, who spins the wheel, and the delightful, animated, bowler-hat-donning character from the board game, who runs the bonus game. The game uses the Dream Catcher format, incorporating familiar elements from the original Monopoly.

This is no hybrid late-night talk show and wheel of fortune, although at first glance that’s precisely what it resembles. The host, your live dealer, stands before a huge wheel, whose segments include instant cash prizes, multipliers, the Chance card, and the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls features, which trigger the bonus game. To the left, Mr Monopoly lounges on a comfortable couch, waiting for players to land on the 2 and 4 rolls so that he can spring into action.

During the main money wheel game, players can choose a number from 1, 2, 5 or 10, 2 Rolls, or 4 Rolls. Betting on the correct number wins you a matching multiplier of your bet; landing on a cash prize or multiplier nets you that win; while landing on 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls kickstarts the bonus game for players who’ve bet on them. Hitting the Chance card on the spin calls Mr Monopoly to his feet to flip it and reveal the multiplier. The wheel is then spun again, with all bets remaining active.

The bonus game is the absolute highlight of this financial fun fest – your chance to finally play the board game you’ve known your whole life, which Monopoly Live draws its name and inspiration from; and the 3D augmented reality makes you feel like you’ve landed on the board yourself.

You and Mr Monopoly enter his world, where he wends his way along the 3D Monopoly board, picking up prizes along the way. Prizes can be cash, multipliers and more. His journey is determined, old school, by the roll of a pair of dice. Landing on 2 Rolls offers 2 dice rolls, and 4 Rolls offers 4. In this mini-game, you will encounter the familiar world of Monopoly, with Go, Chance, Community Chest, houses, hotels, Jail and Super Tax symbols all in play.

Evolution Games has made this game – based on their popular Dream Catcher game – variable, which means that individual online casinos can determine the maximum multipliers and wins for the bonus game and the main game. So you could potentially win as much as $500 000 on a single bet.

Monopoly Live is currently available on LeoVegas, where you can spend as much time with Mr Monopoly as your heart desires.

This game hinges on the spin of the wheel. Do you want to go for the multipliers and cash prizes, or do you want to go for a ride on the world’s most popular money-based board game? Choosing your initial bet will determine whether you play it safe and opt for the high number of instant winners or have an opportunity to enjoy a wild money adventure. You might keep a steady bet on a more frequent but lower multiplier to keep the small wins coming in, while at the same time taking risks on bonus games to get your buzz.

Ever rolled the dice on Monopoly Live, followed Mr Monopoly around those familiar landmarks and made or lost your fortune? Share your financial fables with us and your fellow gamblers.


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