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Track down riches and fortune on this wild Wolf Hunt

wolf hunt

Howling for a new slot game? Hunting for the right thrill? You’ll be over the moon for GameArt’s Wolf Hunt! Join the game’s leading First Nations tracker as she guides you to your next big win. Explore the wild that lives inside…

Wolf Hunt has drawn heavily from First Nations symbolism and indigenous North American wildlife. Here, you will meet wolf, beaver, snake, elk and eagle, rendered in a realistic, yet artistic way. The music harks back to a time when the plains were wild and free, using First Nations instruments and styles as inspiration.


Wolf Hunt continues the theme of a sexy tracker chasing down a wolf pack against an exquisite North American landscape, complete with beautifully rendered symbols of North American wildlife and people. The top-paying symbols in descending order are the caribou, beaver, eagle, and green snake. Bringing up the rear, and again in descending order, we have the far tamer A, K, Q, and J. The scatter symbol is a headshot of the game’s beautiful tracker, complete with headdress and warpaint. In the wild symbol, we finally get a peek at the slot game’s namesake and our tracker’s quarry: an incredibly detailed wolf’s head staring straight out of the symbol with the word Wild embossed in gold beneath his soulful stare. The wolf can be substituted in paylines for any other symbol except the scatter and bonus.

Speaking of bonuses, Wolf Hunt has two features which make their symbols distinctive: first, they have introduced a bonus symbol that is a gold coin with both a wolf print and the total of either the mini, minor, or major jackpot for that spin stamped across the front; the second feature is the lovely animation which is activated when the symbol forms a payline or when they trigger an additional feature. The wild wolf howls (complete with sound effect), the caribou raises its head, the beaver blinks and rubs its paws together, the eagle screeches, and the green snake hisses complete with a flickering tongue. When you land three scatter symbols across the reels, the economically clad tracker raises her hatchet, which – entirely coincidentally, of course – causes her ample bosom to bounce. So I suppose you might have two reasons for wanting to activate the scatter feature!  


Wolf Hunt has some excellent features, such as free spins, wolf respins, gamble and a bonus buy. Three sexy scatters across reels 1, 3, and 5 triggers the free spins feature. Reels 2-4 spin together to form one gigantic symbol, and you get 5 spins to make some truly epic paylines. The symbols to look out for are the scatter, which gives you an additional 3 free spins, the wild, which greatly improves your odds as you then only need to get a high-value symbol in reel one to win big. A giant golden paw print can also do wonders for your payline if you score one of the jackpots on reel one. There is no limit to how many free spins you can be awarded.

You can also take a shortcut to the free spins feature by clicking the giant gold bonus button to the left of the reels; this gives you the option to pay 25x your current stake for access and confirms if you want to keep your current stake. If you want the chance to win a little more you can always change your bet, but then you will be paying more for your ‘free spins’. 

The next feature is called wolf respins and occurs when you have six or more golden footprints across the reels. This triggers a new set of reels with the current bonus symbols remaining as they landed and open slots dotted between the footprint symbols. You are then granted three respins, with the opportunity to fill the empty slots with more bonus symbols; there are no other symbols involved in this feature. When a new bonus symbol lands you get an additional three respins, and the bonus game only ends when your repins run out or you win the grand jackpot by filling all 15 positions with a bonus symbol. At the end, all totals on the bonus symbols are totted up, and the total is your winnings from the bonus game.

Finally, for those seeking a high-risk thrill, there is a gamble feature where picking the right card colour, red or black, can either double your winnings from that round or reduce them to 0.

This video slot is widely available online but can be reliably found at 888casino.com.

Wolf Hunt is available to play on mobile, desktop or laptop. It is supported on iOS, Windows, Linux and Android. Recommended browsers include Safari, Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Pay attention to the not-so-free free spins that you pay extra for, and don’t get caught unawares. This game is jam-packed, so take some time to familiarise yourself with the game’s features and payouts, all available in-game. This game’s volatility and variance lend it towards moderate gameplay with medium bets and moderate wins, and the occasional big win. Mitigate your losses by setting yourself a time and budget limit before you start.

First Nations symbolism is nothing new to the online slot games world, but this game takes it to a whole new level. Far from being full of clichés and inaccurate depictions of North America’s indigenous people and culture, this game gives the theme a new lease of life. Unleash your inner wild hunter with this immersive, beautifully designed game.

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