Guide to responsible gambling

Guide to responsible gambling

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a nut… or the whole pot

Online gambling is a highly entertaining pastime and can even lead to some great cash wins. However, any responsible gambler knows they must accept that they may also be in for big losses.

Being able to take your losses without them negatively affecting your life is the ideal situation for any gambler. In a perfect world, players would have a set amount of spare cash that they wish to use for entertainment and choose to spend it on playing casino games with a legitimate, honest operator. Once this money (aka their nut), has been used up, they would stop playing and find something else to do. The loss of this spare cash would have no negative effects – the gambler would still be able to pay their bills.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and gamblers are beset by challenges. Let’s take a look at some of these.

On the one hand, there are the operators: legitimate, registered operators provide a safe gaming space, with games that are carefully designed to be fair (see our article on RNGs for more). Unscrupulous operators, however, are everywhere, and it can be all too easy to fall prey and lose big, or even everything.

To ensure players have a safe environment in which to play, there is pretty heavy legislation on online casinos worldwide. To operate legally in a given jurisdiction, the online casino has to comply with that country’s laws. In most jurisdictions, online casinos need to be properly registered, comply with local tax laws, and be allied with a responsible gambling program.

But how can you know if your favourite online casino is legit? First, look for their registration information. This should appear on their website, alongside any responsible gambling affiliations, and any other certifications of legitimacy they have received. You can also Google them to find out if they’ve featured in any noteworthy news stories. Alternatively, you can check out our casino reviews, which include registration information and a review of the terms and conditions.

If you believe a casino is operating illegally, or that their compliance with local laws seems insufficient or wrong, you can get in touch with your local gambling board to report them. It is wise to steer clear of any casino that seems suspicious or has no apparent verification information.

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USA National Council on Problem Gambling


Gambling can, for some people, become a problematic pastime. You could develop an addiction or find yourself in a financial hole you struggle to get out of. This can lead to stress, irrational behavior, family and marital problems, loss of sleep, and many other problems in your life.

Most online casinos offer various ways to help you control your spending so that you don’t find yourself in this situation. Most of these are voluntary, such as daily bet limits, or maximum spins on a particular game. At the end of the day, gambling responsibly is up to the player.

If you or a friend or family member are experiencing problem gambling or have found yourself in difficulty due to gambling, you can contact one of the organisations listed below, or seek out similar organisations in your own country.

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